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Boom Lift Hire and Scissor Lift Hire:

Hawk Hire provide Boom Lift Hire and Scissor Lift Hire in Mackay. We can provide all types of Elevated Work Platforms from 15 foot Electric Scissors to 180 foot Diesel Boom Lifts.

Scissors and Booms come in a range of sizes and working height capability and can come as either electric or diesel powered.

Other options include extendable decks ,non marking tyres and even bio energy powered Boom Lifts . There are even fold away Spider Boom Lifts-for those tight spots with near impossible height requirements.

If there is a machine to help you reach your job we will find it for you.

Boom Lift Hire

Electric Scissors and One Man Vertical Lifts:

Electric scissors are designed for flat concrete surfaces and ideal for indoor environments. Whilst generally suitable for 2 men in a platform there are one man lifts for those tighter conditions or 3 man platforms with larger extendable decks.

Easy to operate and easy to recharge, scissor lifts offer the safest and quickest way to reach your working height.

Diesel Scissors:

Heights ( platform height 7.9m- 16.2 m) (working height 9.8m -18m)

If you are working on rougher terrain ask about our AWD Diesel Scissor Lifts . These EWPS come with outriggers for stability and puncture proof foam filled tyres designed for outdoor conditions. All Rough Terrain Scissor Lifts come with extendable decks with the 33s upwards offering dual deck extensions .

electric scissor lift hire

boom lift hire

Diesel Booms – Stick and Knuckle Booms

Heights (platform height 10.5m-54.86 m) (working height 12.4m-56.86m)

Diesel Booms are available as Stick Boom (ideal for maximum height and outward reach ) and Knuckle Booms (ideal for reaching difficult spots that require jib manoeuvring )

All Diesel Models are 4WD and jibs whilst some models also come with 240V generators .

Electric Booms

Heights (platform height 8.89m-18.29m) (working height 10.89-20.39m)

Electric Booms are designed for flatter hard ground conditions and generally suited indoors with non marking tyres available as an option.

electric boom hire

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